Long Way Round: (LWR) CD
  • Long Way Round: (LWR) CD

Long Way Round: (LWR) CD

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  1. Long Way Round
  2. Farmers on the Phone
  3. Bottom of the Tide
  4. Hairy Hunter
  5. Polly’s Bucket
  6. Invisible
  7. ‘Heck’
  8. Sometimes She Forgets
  9. Sally – Girl on Channel Eight
  10. Vincent Black Lightning 1952
  11. Maggies on Cloud Nine
  12. Ballad of Bill and Ben
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Live By Request: DVD
  • Live By Request: DVD
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Guaranteed to Last
Three Cracks of the Whip
Madly Barking
Old Cow Bales
Tattooed Not Tailored
Ron the Roughrider
Little Aussie Schools
Piccaninny Dawning
Saltwater Creek Sliprails
Didn’t But Still Could
The Meatworks Song
Road Train Blues
Under The Blue Australian Sky – featuring the Ree Family
Points, Mls and Inches
Louie – Featuring “Kids of Aussie Country”
Dogs Like Fishing Too
Indian Pacific

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Story Songs: (SS) CD
  • Story Songs: (SS) CD

Story Songs: (SS) CD

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01- The Auctioneer
02 - Dogs Like Fishing Too
03 - Neville Brown
04 - Louie
05 - Honey Man
06 - Stop for Whoa
07 - The Meatworks Song
08 - Wattle Bender
09 - Sundown
10 - Points and Mls and Inches
11 - The Drovers Are Back
12 - Story Songs

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Bush Girls Heart: (BGH) CD
  • Bush Girls Heart: (BGH) CD

Bush Girls Heart: (BGH) CD

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01 - Bush Girls Heart
02 - Endless Road
03 - Saltwater Creek Sliprails
04 - Ten Bucks of Fuel
05 - Itching Feet – Duet with Tracy Coster
06 - Ballad of Joe Daley / J. Daley
07 - Dust and Diesel
08 - Granddads song
09 - Didnt But Still Could
10 - Tattooed not Tailored
11 - Madly Barking
12 - Past Carin
13 - Picanninny Dawning

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